Captain's Log

You've probably heard the phrase "Captain's Log" being used in movies before. It's sort of a diary that a Captain keeps while at sea. It helps the captain recall past experiences, encounters, discoveries and so forth. It's also a Captain's companion when sailing the lonely seas. On the hand, it also serves as guide for those embarking on similar journeys. Such a log allows its readers to learn from and share in the journey of the author. I expect the same from this blog.

I started picking up photography in the beginning of 2009 and truly enjoy it. I've been building up my camera kit, knowledge on photography and network of fellow enthusiasts since. I know I still have a long way to go but I'm getting closer everyday.

Shutteria is my diary on the Web about photography - my own photo blog. It is a log of my photo shooting escapades and lessons learned, a place for me to share my photos, opinions, advice, tips and tricks on photography, and a portal to just about anything related to my journey as a photographer.

This is the blog of a budding photographer.