Photography Project 365 for 2010

I've decided to take on Project 365 in 2010. There you have it. I said it. No turning back.

Stop. Rewind.

Project 365 is a photography project whereby the photographer undertaking it takes (at least) one photo a day for a whole year, or 365 days. Typically, the photos are shared along with some thoughts on a blog or photo sharing site such as Flickr. I found this post about Project 365 especially inspiring and informative. I'd encourage you to check it out for some tips on this project.

I have two main reasons for wanting to take on Project 365. First, I would like to have a pictorial of my life in 2010 when the New Year comes. 2009 was very eventful for me, as was 2008, 2007, etc. However, I can only recall a handful of events. I wish that I had captured and stored some of those experiences and was able to relive them. What better way to capture and store an experience than through photography? While Project 365 will not enable me to recall every event of the year gone by, it will help me recall 365 of them. That's a start and a big step forward.

My second reason is less philosophical and more practical - I want to improve my photography. I enjoy photography very much but I do not invest enough time in it. My gear tend to be stashed away until some event pops up. By then I would have forgotten much that I learned from the previous photo shoot and  need to waste time warming up all over again. I hope that Project 365 will help me find meaningful experiences in each day and capture them with my photos. I want to see more emotions captivated in my shots.

I don't think there are any hard-written rules on Project 365. So, here are the guidelines I plan to stick by:
1. Take at least one photo each day.
2. Share the photos.
3. I am not required to share the photos everyday but will try to do so.
4. If possible, I should include some comments and thoughts related to the photo being shared.

Wish me luck.