Day #33 @ Photography Project 365

Camera: Nikon D60 (model replaced by Nikon D3000)
Lens: Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX
Flash: N/A
Tripod: N/A
ISO: 800
Shutter Speed: 1/25 sec
Aperture: f2.5

This is my good friend, Markus. Well, part of him anyways. He was a little nervous about having his photo published on the Internet, so I had to find a way around it - I cropped his face out.

I used Topaz Adjust to enhance this shot in post-processing and made it look like a painting.


Kyla said...

I always enjoy looking through your shots. Such a wide variety of fun and interesting things! I haven't braved post processing much yet, but you've done some excellent work! (I really liked the modem from yesterday, and that PIZZA. I think one would have fed a family of four pretty easily.)

J.J.S. said...

Thanks, Kyla. I really appreciate it. About the pizza: we had to share and even then, we couldn't finish it. :-)