Day #41 @ Photography Project 365

Camera: Nikon D60 (model replaced by Nikon D3000)
Lens: Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX
Flash: N/A
Tripod: N/A
ISO: 400
Shutter Speed: 1/60 sec
Aperture: f2.5

I think that this shot falls into the "forced perspective" category. I wanted to create a dramatic scene indoors using objects I had readily available. In the background is a picture of the Swiss Alps that I took in the early part of 2009 when I was there on vacation. I used this picture as the backdrop. In the foreground, I placed a little angel figurine. Guess what I mounted it on - a Weissbier glass. Finally, I used an LED flash light to make it look as if a ray of light is coming down from heaven and shining on the little angel.

I'm curious to know what your first impression was when you saw this photo.


Anonymous said...

No words can express how beautiful this shot is. I think its a genius idea.

J.J.S. said...

Thanks a lot. Give it a try and share the results. :-)