Day #81 @ Photography Project 365

My wife and I had a day off today and we decided to make a day trip to the Andechs Monastery. Not that we were planning a pilgrimage of some sort, but Andechs is famous for its dark "Doppelbock" beer. Yes, you heard me right. Apparently, the monks used to (and probably still do) brew this strong beer for the fasting season as a means of satisfying their hunger. I don't know how effective the beer is at eradicating hunger but it sure does a fine job of lifting the spirits.

This is a photo of a train (or better known as "S-bahn") passing the platform we were waiting at. I used a slower shutter speed and angled the shot to emphasize the motion. In post-processing, I bumped up the exposure and saturation. Increasing the exposure has washed out some of the bright spots in the photo and this in turn has helped emphasize the object - the train.