Day #88 @ Photography Project 365

I got a set of suitcases from Lufthansa using my miles that were due to expire. I did actually need at least a small one since the one that I have is a little broken. I was pleasantly surprised with the bags when they arrived. They looked pretty good and felt robust enough.

Anyway, I love taking shots from low angles. It makes an otherwise simple photo a little more dramatic. I also angled it a little when cropping to give it a feel of motion.


Anonymous said...

What I'm I hearing? Your miles due to expire? Never knew they expire.. i have 15000 & I think I should search and see when they'll expire and make use of them as soon as possible.

Great suitcase, how much miles did they cost?

J.J.S. said...

Thanks! I think they cost me about 30,000 miles. You should definitely use up your miles before they expire. It'd be a real pity to not use them up.

Anonymous said...

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