Web album: sharing on Picasa Web

There are various websites that offer free photo sharing and web album services on the Internet. Among the most popular are Picasa Web and Flickr. I believe that Nikon has one too but I have never used it before. There are also some online photo retailers that allow you to create an account, upload your pictures to a web album and share them with others. Authorized visitors can then order prints of these photos directly from them. This is an excellent tool for occasions when everyone wants prints from themselves. It eradicates the formerly cumbersome task of someone taking the orders from everyone, printing them out and then collecting the money - well, there usually isn't a profit in it anyway, right?

I use Picasa Web. Picasa Web, which is part of Google, allows a user to upload pictures to any web album in his / her online gallery to be shared with others. The free service comes with 1 GB of storage space. If this is not sufficient, users have the option of purchasing more storage space at very reasonable rates. Prices range from USD 20 / year for 10 GB of storage all the way to USD 500 / year for 400 GB.

Picasa Web is also very well integrated with Picasa, a free photo management program by Google. I use Picasa a lot. There are some limitations with it, but I can live with them. I like the fact that Picasa can be set to scan certain folders in my computer for changes and will then automatically update my collection accordingly. It also allows me to upload photos to a web album with a simple push of a button.

Here's a slide show of the pictures I have in my online gallery. Picasa Web allows you to do this too.

You can visit my Picasa Web gallery through this link. Feel free to browse through any web album. If you're a Google user and would like to receive updates on my gallery (e.g. new photos, new web album), I would encourage you to make me a favorite. You can do this by signing in to your Google account, visiting my gallery (via the link given above) and clicking on the button located on the right that states something about making me a favorite, becoming a fan or so. As a fan, you will receive regular updates from Picasa about activities in my gallery.

Happy surfing.


gubh83 said...

Hi! Thanks a lot for your kind words in my blog. I've been happy with the results of my microstock adventure so far. Send me your portfolio, I'd love to see what kind of stuff you're selling. Which agencies are you working with? I really loved your photos at Picasa! Congratulations



J.J.S. said...

Thanks for the compliments about my photos. It's really encouraging. I don't actually have a portfolio online yet. I'm planning to work with Shutterstock and I believe the initial upload must have a minimum of 10 pictures. I don't have that 10 pictures yet.

Btw, looking at my pictures on Picasa, do you think any of them will sell as stock photos?