Day #108 @ Photography Project 365

It was announced this morning that the planned schedule for the reopening of the Helsinki airport had been shifted forward again. I decided I'm not going to wait anymore. As soon as I read the announcement, I planned my evacuation via sea and land.

I plan to take the overnight ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm, which leaves this afternoon, the train from Stockholm to Copenhagen, spend the night in Copenhagen and finally take the train from Copenhagen back to Munich (via Hamburg). If all goes as planned,my trip home will take just over 48 hours. This whole debacle made me realize two things: 1. how isolated and far away Finland is from the rest of Europe 2. how dependent we are on air travel these days.

At about 3pm, I made my way to the harbor, where the ferry was. The first photo was taken from the departure hall - we were waiting to board the ferry at that time.

While we were waiting, the ferry service operator provided us with some entertainment. I think that the theme of the ferry service and correspondingly, the entertainment, changes every now and then. This time the theme was South Africa. So, they invited a group of drummers to play us a beat!