Day #111 @ Photography Project 365

I ordered one of those RF flash triggers (a.k.a. eBay triggers) a couple of weeks ago - before I left for Helsinki. Thanks to the photography magazines I purchased in UK, I've recently been having an urge for flash photography. The amazing samples displayed and relatively simple tutorials illustrated really made me want to be a "strobist". While I'm not prepared to make any huge investment in that area yet, I felt that an RF trigger is the least I could do.

I bought a Blazzeo SLT-4 trigger for about 25 EUR on eBay (incl. shipping). Perhaps I was expecting too much but I'm a little disappointed with them. They don't work perfectly with my Nikon Speedlight SB-600 flash. The Blazzeo SLT-4 causes my flash to misfire a lot. I eventually found out that leaving the flash unlocked reduces misfire significantly, although it still does happen occasionally.

I surfed the Internet looking for fellow comrades who were suffering from similar issues but didn't really find any. Based on the information I found, I eventually came to the conclusion that these triggers work very well with third-party "manual" flashes such as those from Vivitar and Nissin but tend to be less compatible with automatic flashes (those with TTL).