Day #110 @ Photography Project 365

I arrived in Copenhagen Central Train Station at about 6 pm yesterday. I took the high-speed train from Stockholm, known as the X2000, which made it to Copenhagen in just over five hours. The train ride was pleasant and comfortable, and I even had a Internet access on board - I only had to pay 10 EUR for Internet access throughout the trip.

Having been to Copenhagen twice before, I am pretty familiar with the place. From the Central Train Station, I walked to the Scandic Hotel where I had a room reserved for the night. After checking in and freshening up a bit, I went out for dinner. I decided to call it a night pretty early because I still had the final leg of my journey home ahead of me.

This morning I went back to the Central Train Station to catch my train back to Munich via Hamburg. I made my ticket reservation while I was still in Helsinki and didn't have to worry about getting a ticket anymore. However, there was a long queue of people trying to get tickets - as shown in the first photo here. Many of them were probably in the same situation as I was - stuck in Scandinavia and making their way back home.

I soon made my way to the platform where the train was scheduled to depart from - shown in the second photo. There weren't that many people waiting at first but the number kept growing. The train, which was a German Inter-City Express (ICE), arrived punctually. Boarding was pretty easy and organized in spite of the large number of passengers.

There were many passengers without seat reservations and who were not able to get seats. They actually had to rough it out for about four hours until we reached Hamburg. Fortunately, I was still able to make a seat reservation when I purchased my ticket.