Day #118 @ Photography Project 365

I got my complete Lumiquest Pro Max flash diffuser kit today. First, I ordered the Pro Max accessory kit on eBay thinking that the diffuser itself would be included. To my dismay, the accessory kit did not include the diffuser but only the additional accessories to be mounted onto the Lumiquest 80-20 diffuser. So, I had to order the Lumiquest 80-20 additionally.

The entire Lumiquest Pro Max kit comprising of the 80-20 diffuser and Pro Max accessory kit came to a staggering 80 EUR. This was way more than I had expected and more than I was willing to pay at first (the accessory kit was 50 EUR and that was actually my limit for a diffuser). While I probably could have returned the Pro Max accessory kit, I decided to keep it and get the 80-20 diffuser in addition.

I haven't played enough with it to draw any conclusion but as of the moment, I feel that 80 EUR is way too much for it.