Day #109 @ Photography Project 365

As soon as I boarded yesterday, I began exploring the ferry. First, I had to look for a place to store my suitcase. Fortunately, they have storage boxes where guests can put their belongings in for 2 EUR. Since I didn't have too many things with me, I was able to make do with a single box.

By the way, I got a ticket for the ferry but wasn't able to get a cabin when I made my reservation - everything was sold out. So, I was planning to either stay awake or loaf around the ferry all night along. However, I decided to try my luck and approached the information counter to inquire if they still had any cabin free. They put my name on the waiting list and in about 15 minutes I actually got a single cabin! The cabin I have is really comfortable, fits two persons and has an attached bathroom. I couldn't have asked for more. I slept very well last night.

The view from the ferry is fabulous! It's not everyday that I travel be sea and I've been using my time on board to improve my photography (although I only have my little IXUS with me). There's no shortage of opportunities for a picture of the day here. When I got up this morning, I decided to take some photos. While I wasn't up early enough to catch sunrise, the first photo here was caught about an hour or so after sunrise. It wasn't exactly the golden hour of the day but I think it turned out pretty OK.

We reached the Stockholm harbor at about 9:40 am. There was a bus from Viking Line waiting to take us to the city center. I had gotten my ticket from the ferry and was able to immediately board to bus. The drive took about 15 minutes.

The second photo here was taken right outside the Stockholm Central Train Station. I had to take the train to Copenhagen from here. As I had about two hours to kill, I decided to scout around Stockholm a bit and take some photos.