Day #115 @ Photography Project 365

After my experience with my photo-of-the-day two days ago (day #113), I've been looking at white backgrounds from a whole new light. I used to see them as dull and boring but with the new trick I learned, white actually can make a spectacular background. After all, it's similar to using a light tent (here's the link to my tutorial / pictorial on building your own light tent / box).

We have a white table in our balcony and I figured that it would play a good backdrop. Additionally, I decided to try a different perspective today - taking the shot from above. So, I placed the bouquet of flowers on the table, stood on a chair to get sufficient elevation, dial up two stops of exposure compensation (+2EV) and took the first photo here.

The second photo here was taken with only one stop of positive exposure compensation (+1EV).

I find the second shot to be more subtle and realistic. On the other hand, the additional stop of exposure compensation in the first photo gives it more glow and to a certain extent, more glamor.