Day #128 @ Photography Project 365

There are several lakes in and around Munich. The lakes closest to the Alps are the most spectacular ones. Of course, these lakes tend to be less accessible too.

Pictured here is Lake Ammersee. This is one of the easier to reach lakes. You can take a train (i.e. S-bahn) from the city all the way there. On weekends with good weather, the place gets pretty crowded.

I really wished I had a long zoom lens when I took this shot - I would have loved to zoom in closer on the row boat. Nonetheless, I made do with what I had (as do most photographers, I guess). The result, while not spectacular, is decent enough.


darlin said...

I love this photo as is, it's nice to see the boat from a distance, the scenery is not distracted at all, it adds to the photo but doesn't take it over is what I'm trying to say.

J.J.S. said...

Lighting wasn't great at all then. Probably would have been best at sunset.

darlin said...

I like it like this, a sunset would also have been nice yet this one, well there's just something about it. Maybe the realness, the serenity and calmness I can see in it or the various shades of blue, I'm not sure exactly what it is but it's there! If that makes any sense. :-)