Day #137 @ Photography Project 365

This isn't the most artistic arrangement of twigs but I think it does qualify for my photo of the day.

I took this photo on our balcony. My dad had previously collected some twigs from around here to help us groom the plants in out balcony. We used a few but we still have many left. I guess that is partly due to the fact that our plants don't live very long!

So, I arranged the twigs to form a "J". In Lightroom, I increased contrast a lot to make the dark twigs stand our against the washed out floor. I also reduced saturation and vibrance to give it a near black and white tone.


darlin said...

I can see your creative, and what in the heck are you doing to your plants or not doing to them? I suggest finding something which is almost impossible to kill, maybe grow dandelions on your patio! lol just kidding.

Kyla said...

What a fun idea! Love your processing on this one as well.

Have you ever tried growing cactuses? lol

J.J.S. said...

I've actually given up on plants for our balcony but my wife hasn't. I'll suggest dandelions or cactuses ! :-P