Day #147 @ Photography Project 365

Have you ever been to a city where you found everything so beautiful but the moment you took out your camera to capture something, you realize that there's ugly, aerial cabling running all over the place? Well, Salzburg is one of those places. In fact, if I remember correctly, so is Vienna. It's so hard to get a clean, nice photo in such places.

On the way back from Salzburg, we came across a park and since we had about an hour to kill before the next train, we decided to take a walk through it. Lo and behold, I found the clean, cable-free view I was looking for. Of course, with so many tourists around, we basically had to wait in line to take our photos.

I really like the view from this spot because you get to see so much of Salzburg from here. Don't quiz me on all the monuments in these photos, but from their looks, they must be important.

I find the fort on the hill especially captivating. It overlooks the city and in medieval times, this must have helped it protect the city. Visitors can apparently take a special lift or hike all the way up to the fort. Because of time, we did neither. Maybe we'll do it next time.


darlin said...

The fort that's up there sure does look like it's from medieval times, wow that's so old but definitely unique. Wonderful photos!

J.J.S. said...

Thanks, darlin. The fort definitely looks fabulous. The tricky part is actually getting a good shot of it. At sunset or sunrise, this shot would have looked a lot better I guess.

Kyla said...

I love architectural shots. That castle does indeed look intimidating. You've done a great job of capturing it!

I, too, dislike all the cables, and powerlines that I have to work around. I guess that's the price we pay for our creature comforts. Once I figure out how to use my photoshop program I'm going to be erasing those lines from my photos. lol ;)

Rick said...

Great photos Joel - thanks for letting us have a look at this place. I agree about all the ugly things that get in the way. I too aim to learn photoshop in order to clean up what otherwise would be good scenes.

J.J.S. said...

Thanks, Rick. Some Photoshop magic would indeed be helpful for such scenes.