Day #143 @ Photography Project 365

Teisendorf is a sweet, little German town close to the Austrian border. Being very close to the Alps, it's rather hilly.

I walked into the town this afternoon and took this photo as I was approaching the city center. The colorful medieval buildings are very typical of Southern Germany.

The skies were overcast and the colors in this photo were originally pretty subtle and dull. In post-processing, I had to bump up saturation and vibrancy quite a bit to bring out the colors of the buildings. I reduced clarity a notch as well to give it a subtle, dream-like feel. Finally, I increased contrast to wash out the distracting, gloomy sky and liven up the scene.


darlin said...

What a quaint place, I love the colorful buildings. Awesome capture and fantastic enhancements, I'd never have known it was a dreary day.


Kyla said...

Your post processing is just perfect! I really like the composition on this one, along with all those colorful buildings! Great shot!