Day #139 @ Photography Project 365

Have you ever seen a photo of clouds taken with a wide-angle lens that seem to be speeding towards the horizon? Do you like them?

Well, I do and I tried to achieve that with this photo here. I probably would have gotten better results if I had taken the shot when it wasn't so bright and could use a slower shutter speed. That would have captured the motion better. Of course, an ultra-wide angle lens would have helped too. I used the wide end of my Nikon AF-S 18-105 VR lens here.


Rick said...

Lovely shot Joel. I have an 18-55mm (kit) lens which actually takes pretty reasonable photos. Some day I'll go for an ultra-wide.

darlin said...

I love the clouds, there's something mesmerizing about them. I like your shot, I'll get lost in your clouds for a while before I move on... have a good one!

J.J.S. said...

Thanks, Rick, Darlin. Ultra-wide angle lenses are pretty expensive in general and that has really held me back from getting one. The Sigma 10-20 is quite affordable though and the reviews are quite OK.