Day #148 @ Photography Project 365

We visited a lake in Teisendorf and that is where I took these photos. I enjoyed post-processing them so much. I used to have a problem getting good, well-defined reflections in my photos. This problem has been especially apparent in photos taken by the lake. Now I've discovered that the secret antidote to that problem is the clarity slider in Lightroom.

I increased saturation and vibrancy a notch, but was more generous in increasing contrast. Then I increased clarity and all of the sudden everything fell into place.

Both photos here have their own characteristics and I can't really decide which is my favorite. For the second one, I composed it with some plants in the foreground to give it more depth. The first one may lack depth, but boy do I like the reflections here.

The two huts by the water on the right side are subtle but influential elements in these photos.


darlin said...

Both of these photos are astounding, I prefer the first one, the reflection is more apparent to me maybe the plants in the second one are a distraction. In looking back I think that it's the depth of the reflection in the first one which captures my eye. Either way both are wonderful!

J.J.S. said...

Thanks, Darlin. It didn't occur to me before that the reflection actually does add depth to the photo too. In that sense, having something in the foreground is not absolutely necessary.

darlin said...

I just learned something from you and it's not even noon yet here! Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.

I'm thinking it's back to the lake for me to see if I can get some nice reflection shots this weekend or possibly some stunning sunsets for Scott's sunset Sunday. I'll see where my car takes me.


J.J.S. said...

Have a nice weekend and do share your reflection photos. :-)

m.M.w. said...

Nice pics, but you lost the sky through processing. Like the first picture, even though through processing it made the church tower kind of artificial looking

J.J.S. said...

Thanks, m.M.w. I've found that washing out the sky helps when you have an unflattering sky. It may not look too natural but it's a worthy compromise, I guess. :-)