Day #141 @ Photography Project 141

We're in Teisendorf, a little town close to the Austrian border this weekend. The B&B we're staying at is called Haus Chiemgau.

Pictured here are postal boxes for each room that are also to be used by patrons to leave their room keys for their roommates (in case they're sharing a room). Some people were not too comfortable with this system due to security reasons - anyone could pick up your key and pay your room a visit. Nonetheless, it was used and we didn't hear of any unwarranted incidents while we were there. In fact, since they've been using this system for years now, I presume that it's been proven to be safe.

I tried to get creative with the composition of lines in this photo. Diagonal lines have a different impact compared to horizontal or vertical ones. They tend to add a little drama and suspense to the shot. In post-processing, I added a vignette and boosted contrast.


darlin said...

I love the photo but the concept of leaving a key in a mailbox, or mail for that matter, well that is so trusting. I know it's not something I'd do here! It's unfortunate that we can't trust anymore, crime is on the rise and it saddens my heart. I remember the days when we didn't lock our home, our car or the garage and everything was still in it's place when we returned... yup times have changed.

J.J.S. said...

Bavaria, especially Munich, is still a pretty safe place. A tour guide once mentioned that Munich is actually one of the safest cities in the world. Even so, crime is on the rise just like everywhere else.

darlin said...

That's sad that the crime rate continues to rise and it seems like it's worldwide. I guess that the only thing we each can do is continue to set a good example and report crime if we ever see it being committed... what else can one do?

Take care and see you tomorrow with a new photo! :-)