Day #133 @ Photography Project 365

We were actually planning to go on a bike ride with some friends today but unfortunately the weather was horrible and we needed to go for plan B. Our plan B was bowling (it wouldn't have been a plan B if it didn't start with a "B", right?).

This was in fact my first time bowling in Germany. Due to the bad weather and public holiday, most bowling alleys were fully booked. However, we were fortunate enough to find one with lanes free close to the city center.

Pictured here is my wife. This was my her first time bowling. After some initial difficulties, she started to get a hang of it.

I had field day post-processing this photo in Lightroom. I recently discovered the "clarity" slider and I really love it. Some of the effects that I previously thought required the Topaz Adjust filter are now achievable using the standard Lightroom adjustment tools. For this shot, I increased saturation and vibrance, dropped clarity and boosted contrast. Then, I reduced clarity to give it a dreamy effect. If you look at the photo closely, you'll find that it's pretty noisy. This is because I had to use ISO1600 due to the poor lighting condition in there.


Kyla said...

I think this one turned out lovely! The vibrant colors are very eye catching! Great post processing.

I like to go bowling, but the majority of my attempts go down the gutter. It's still fun, though.