Day #134 @ Photography Project 365

Germany's famous for its beer. Munich is especially famous for its Weissbier. I'm not sure how that should be translated to English though. I've heard some people refer to it as "White Beer", which would be the direct translation (Weiss = white, Bier = beer). However, it just doesn't sound right. In fact, it doesn't even look right - Weissbier isn't white! I think that Weissbier is just a nickname (or Bavarian name) and the formal German name is actually Hefeweizenbier or just Weizenbier (Hefe = yeast, Weizen = wheat). It would then be translated to yeast-wheat beer or just wheat beer. Now, that sounds a lot better.

I (almost) always order a Weissbier when I'm having a drink outside. In Germany, the price of beer is the same if not less than soft drinks. That may make me sound cheap but if you like beer (as I do), I think you'd be doing the same thing.

Pictured here is my glass of Weissbier (second from right) among its profane peers - soft drinks. The table is white and so I decided to increase the exposure in Lightroom to wash it out completely. I increased contrast to make the glasses of cola really black and to brighten up the glasses of golden apple juice. Finally, I increased clarity to its maximum. This resulted in a clear, vivid photo.