Day #131 @ Photography Project 365

That is one heavily loaded boat!

I caught this while we were on the ferry on Lake Ammersee. I didn't actually realize how low the boat was until my wife mentioned it, which was after I had taken the shot. I guess I'm still working on my observation skills. Until I have them refined, thank God I have my wife!

The weather was splendid. It was sunny and warm in general, although the wind was a little chilly when we were seated on the sun deck.

In Lightroom, I boosted saturation and increased contrast. If the lighting wasn't so hard, I'd probably have gotten a good reflection as well.


darlin said...

I hope that boat made it back to shore! That's one full load. I love how blue the water is, very nice.

Kyla said...

Wow! I don't think they could have possibly put anything else on board! lol

This is a lovely photo with all the vivid colors.

Rick said...

Colours are great, and the shot really tells a story. I wonder how many of those on board were good swimmers ? I don't see too many life jackets.

J.J.S. said...

I guess the Germans have a lot of confidence in their engineering! :-P