Day #150 @ Photography Project 365

We're were in London for a few days on vacation. I've been to London several times but there's still so much that I have not seen. Besides, my wife has never really been there. So, we decided this year that we'd visit London together.

I took this photo from the train whilst still in Munich - we were headed for the airport. This is first time we flew with EasyJet. We chose EasyJet over Ryanair because the latter flies from the main Munich airport. Ryanair on the other hand flies from a much smaller airport that is pretty far out of Munich. They call it Munich West Airport but "100km West of Munich Airport" would be a more appropriate name.
I took this second photo from the plane. Obviously, I had to use a very high ISO because it was dark and this has resulted in a rather grainy shot. Nonetheless, after the regular post-processing enhancements, I reduced clarity to make the noise a little more subtle.


darlin said...

Nice to get away for a bit of a holiday, have a wonderful time!

Where is the first photo? In London or before you left?

J.J.S. said...

The first photo was taken in Munich - before we left for London. A break is definitely great !

darlin said...

I hear ya about the break, I come to the farm to take a break though and end up doing more work then I would be doing at home! lol I love it though, it's not work when I'm having so much fun!

I'm looking forward to seeing London through your lens! Cheers!